Patrol Division

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Lieutenant Casey Patterson
(423) 744-2734

Protect and Serve

The Patrol Division is led by Lieutenant Casey Patterson. Lieutenant Patterson has spent his entire career at the Athens Police Department. He along with his sergeants, corporals, and patrol officers strive to keep this city safe and a welcoming place for citizens and visitors alike.

The Patrol Division at APD consists mainly as the "uniformed" division of the police department. The patrol division encompasses our K-9 units, animal control units, as well as uniformed patrol officers of the police department, other than the Directed Patrol Officer, and SRO officers.  The patrol division handles reporting of all incidents inside the city, traffic enforcement, drug interdiction, neighborhood and business patrols, emergency response to calls, and investigating crimes not handled by the Special Services Division.


Communications (Non-Emergency)
(423) 745-3222

Records, Reports, & Courts Questions
(423) 744-2730