Animal Control

Athens Animal Control is a unit of the Police Department's Patrol Division, and falls under the leadership of the Patrol Lieutenant.

Animal Control Officers are fully sworn with the same powers and authority as other police officers.  When they aren't dealing with animal control issues, they perform the duties of a regular patrol officer.

Animal Control Officers also enforce the City Ordinances on animal control, and conduct investigations dealing with animal cruelty,  vicious animals, and other ongoing animal issues.

If you have an animal issue, the Animal Control Officers are specifically trained to deal with animal related problems such as animals running at large, nuisance animal issues, negligent or cruel animal treatment or assisting with injured animals.  All other animal issues such as voluntary surrender of pets etc. are handled by the animal shelter and Humane Society which can be contacted here.  If you need assistance from an Animal Control Officer or just have questions contact Mcminn County Communications at 423-745-3222 and an Officer will be in contact with you.

City Ordinances dealing with animals can be found HERE