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Dear Ware Shipmates,

Let me introduce myself. I am Frank Biondo, current editor of ‘NOW HEAR THIS,” newsletter of USS Charles R. Ware (DD 865) and a Ware crew member from 1957 to 1960.

In June 2002, we honored Lt. Ware's memory with a beautiful monument in Athens, TN, where he joined the Navy in 1929. His sister and brother were on hand for the ceremony, as was the sister of Bill Stambaugh, his radioman. Our guest of honor was Susan Livingstone, Under Secretary of the Navy. If you get the opportunity, I urge you to visit Veterans Memorial Park with your family.

At a time when many American institutions have allowed "political correctness", to fog the memory of our country's heroes, the men of the Charles R. Ware honored their ship's namesake. Funding for this has been completed through the outstanding generosity of our shipmates. It produced a memorial of which we can be very proud.

In addition, the people and the government of the City of Athens, have embraced the Ware and its crew and have invited us to make Athens the Ware's "home port." Further, through the hard work of Austin Fesmire, Athens commissioner of Parks and Recreation, we now have a USS Charles R. Ware website.

One more thing, the McMinn County Heritage Museum has agreed to become the official repository for memorabilia of the Ware and the men who served aboard her from 1945 to 1974. Photos, cruise books, uniforms, anything connected with the ship can be donated. The museum has now created a permanent Ware exhibition.

None of these things would have happened if you and your shipmates had not supported our new NHT. As we go forward, the main objective now is to keep our newsletter viable. It was only through support for NHT in the past, that we were enabled to pursue this endeavor and others such as locating shipmates and having reunions.

In closing, let me emphasize that NHT is not a business. It is supported entirely by donations from our shipmates, family members of shipmates and friends and is published quarterly. I ask you to consider supporting NHT to enable us to continue to keep alive the memory of Lt.Ware and the Jolly Charley (DD865).

Please contact me and I will send your latest edition to introduce you to NHT.

Thank You & God Speed
Frank Biondo (57-60) SM3
579 Buxton Ave West Hempstead NY 11552
516-481-0034 E-mail…. Frank Biondo



NHT is not a business. Cost of publication supported by shipmates donations. Suggested minimum donation for one year is $12. NHT is free to members who can’t afford to donate at present time, if requested. Checks are payable to Frank Biondo -579 Buxton Ave, W.Hempstead, NY 11552 - Tel 516-481-0034 Fax 516-539-0271

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Shipmates who want to add their name, years aboard, rate and e-mail, and any corrections to go to the Ware Website and the shipmates link and click on Shipmate Update.

Look for updates between newsletters on the NOW HEAR THIS link.

Ware artifacts, while the model of our ship will highlight our display, we need your memorabilia. I know it might not be easy to part with, but it's not like it's going to be destroyed, it is going to be part of a display that you and your family can visit. Also, if you donate and find that you could not live without it, you can make it a loan and request it back. Let's be realistic, the odds are when we go to the big ship in the sky our artifacts will be discarded or just left sitting in a basement. Wouldn't it make more sense to have this material available for all to observe, long into the future? Many of your paper artifacts can be duplicated by you and the original sent to the museum. I will continue to stress the importance of donating, in all future NHT'S. Many members have taken 8mm film of their service aboard the Ware. If you have had it converted to video, would you make me a copy or send me the original video and I will make a copy and return the original to you? For those who have not converted, can you please do so, or if you are unable, send the original film to me and I will convert and send back the film to you? We are hoping to have a video presentation as part of the display. Please go through your Ware belongings, Cruise books, uniform, photos, video, film etc and forward to me for inclusion in the Ware display at the Museum, or if you prefer send direct to the Museum.


As of this newsletter, we have about 30% of our NHT active members contributing to the Ware Model Project. As you read the message from former Lt. Bob Erlandson in this issue, all if able, should make a contribution to our ship's legacy and be part and proud of this project. To those who have already given "A big Bravo Zulu" from Skipper Neville and NHT. Even though we are fortunate to have large donations from John Harrington and Leonard Lauder this project should involve all of us. The Spring 2004 issue will list all donors. Please see that your name is listed proudly. Don Pruel, the Model Maker, who has been commissioned for the model of our ship ,recently completed a model of the USS Arizona which is exhibited at the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor. We of the Ware family once again, like the Lt Ware Memorial, are accomplishing things right up there with the best. Remember, while many in our country are being politically correct and not educating our younger generation on what the veterans of this country have done, we of the Ware Family will keep our legacy alive for present and future generations to observe and this project will contribute to those aims.


After you read the following letter Maxine Johnson, widow of Jack (Art) Johnson 50-54 SC2, is there any reason why you should not have a memorial brick in Veteran Memorial Park alongside your shipmates and Lt Ware’s Monument??? The 4x8 brick placed at the park is $50 and includes a certificate and the replica miniature brick is $20. If you want your replica brick shipped directly to you, please add an additional $10 for a total of $80.

“Frank, Thanks for making the Athens Memorial such a beautiful service. My daughter and I enjoyed it, and I’m sure Jack was there in sprit. We came the next day and took pictures. My two little granddaughters were impressed to see their grandpa’s name on one of the bricks. Thanks again, Sincerely Maxine & family “

When your family members ask what you would like for the holidays, what better gift than to honor your service. If interested, please contact me for the form or click below to print online form. (please note the current price is $50 for the 4x8 and $20 for a replica brick and $10 extra to ship replica).


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