Wetlands Trail

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Parking is available at E.G. Fisher Library:1289 Ingleside Ave. Athens, TN


The Wetland offers an easy hike among the most diverse ecosystems in McMinn County. Nonnative species have been removed to allow visitors a look into the past to see the vegetation in its original state. A leisurely walk in nature a few times per week has been proven to reduce stress, risk for heart disease and diabetes. This is a place of exploration to see nature in a pristine environment. The kiosks offer information on the environmental processes, nature poems and quotes, and a history lesson in how the plants and trees were used by man.


The Pergola
The Pergola is made entirely of our native eastern red cedar and can seat up to 60 people for events. 
You could also to read a book or look at birds, butterflies, and dragonflies that frequent the wetlands.


Meet the Waldgeist
Historically many cultures carved the faces of spirits in the trees for protection. In fact, the phrase "knock on wood" comes from the German practice of knocking on the Waldgeist (wood spirit) for luck.


A Place to Sit
The natural boulders offer places to sit and the stone theater is idea place to hang out, read a book, or listen to program offered by EG Fisher Library.

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