Athens Trails

Whether for exercise, to capture nature's beauty, or to plan a family hike, the Athens Trails have something for everyone.

Regional Park Trails
Some trails are paved and provide a nice area for wheelchairs and strollers, while other areas are intended for a more natural trail.  Trails include the mountain bike/hiking trail that takes you by the North Mouse Creek and up into wooded areas; a paved trail around the park pond; and a rubber mulch surface trail that features an illustrated children's story.

Cook Park Trail
Cook Park features a 0.3 mile paved walkway.

Prof Powers Park Trail
Prof Park features a mostly shaded 0.37 mile walking path.

Veterans Park Trail
Veterans Park trail is a .05 mile trail that runs along the Oostanaula Creek.

DENSO Eco Park Trail
Eco Park features a mostly shaded 0.75 mile walking path.

Eureka Trail

The Eureka Trail spans 5.6 miles from Athens into Englewood. This trail is mostly flat and offers a pleasant walk, bike ride or horse ride along an old abandoned railroad line.

Wetlands Trail

Built partially by volunteers and with state grants, the wetlands at E.G. Fisher Public Library offer a great 0.5 mile trail where nature lovers can view biodiversity at its best.