Eureka Trail

Following a former railroad bed, the gravel trail winds 5.6 miles southeast through woodlands, rural landscapes, and the community of Mashburn before ending in Englewood.  The Eureka Trail is a multipurpose trail for hikers, bikers and horse riders.

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Health Triangle

At the Eureka Trailhead we have our Health Triangle. This is a convenient section that provides educational signs on how to stay fit and eat right. Novice walkers will find this flat, 0.5 mile-section a great way to ease into exercise.
Welcome Sign

Trail Progress

The City of Athens And McMinn County purchased from CSX approximately 95 acres of land for the Trailhead in Athens and Englewood and 5.6 miles of trail, stretching from Madison Avenue in Athens to Zion Hill Road in Englewood. The Athens Trailhead features restrooms, paved parking and rubber surfacing on the Health Triangle.  

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