Co-Ed Kickball

Adult Co-Ed Kickball

The City of Athens Parks and Recreation Department operates the adult co-ed kickball league.  All games are played at Athens Regional Park on Tuesdays, for an eight-game season in April and May. 

Combining elements of soccer and baseball, kickball is a simple game consisting of four bases, two teams, and a big red ball. Played like baseball, players kick the ball into a field with the goal of scoring more runs than the opposing team. Five-inning games are played with 11 fielders and two base coaches.  Kickball is a very accessible game because it doesn’t require special skills such as pitching or catching technique and doesn’t rely on specialized equipment like bats and gloves. It’s a fun, low-impact way for adults to enjoy league sports.


Teams and individuals ages 16 and older are welcome to sign up for the Adult Kickball League. Free agents will be assigned to teams at the close of the registration period. Teams can consist of 12 to 20 people. Teams must have a minimum of four female players.