Public Fire Extinguisher Training

Hands-on Fire Extinguisher Classes

Extinguisher Training

If you discover a fire, whether in your workplace or at home, you need to know what to do, and right away!

Our fire extinguisher training is designed to help you assess the situation and decide the best course of action (evacuate and report the fire or try to put out the fire using a fire extinguisher) to keep you and those around you safe.

The city of Athens Fire Department can come to your facility to offer classroom instruction as well as hands on live fire extinguisher training.

Class topics covered:  

  • Classes of Fire (A, B, C, D, K, ABC/BC)
  • Fire Extinguisher Parts (operating lever/button, locking pin, carrying handle, pressure indicator gauge, hose, cylinder, label, nozzle/discharge horn)
  • Precautions (call fire department, evacuate building, fire is confined, source is known, safe exit, right type of extinguisher, trained in using it)
  • PASS Technique (pull, aim, squeeze, sweep)
  • How to perform proper monthly fire extinguisher inspections.

To schedule a class for your business or group please contact the Deputy Chief Office

Contact: Tim Schultz
Deputy Fire Chief
Office :423-744-2761 or email:
Deb Cardin
Administrative Assistants
Office: 423-744-2789 or email: