DENSO Eco Park

A park that makes nature accessible for anyone looking to take a break from facebook and fluorescent lights.

Community Orchard
The Fruits of our Labor

The Commmunity Orchard has both Japanese fruits and those native to Athens.

Whether it be a berry: honey berries, Asian persimmons, raspberries, blackberries; or a fruit: figs, plums, apples, Asian pears, or peaches. Guests will be sure to find a delicious treat among the berries and fruits of the orchard.

Walking Trails
A great place to unplug.

The walking trails at the Denso Eco Park are a great place to take a stroll and "tune in" to nature.

An educational trip through the woodland trail, offers signs to help easily identify some of Athens’ indigenous arborous species. Altogether the trails make up 3/4 of a mile, which is great for an afternoon stroll.

The Pavillion
Where Ice Tea and Green Tea unite.

East Tennesse and Japan are alike in their appreciation of tea. The Japanese inspired Tea House is a place to gather for meetings.

Set along the waterfront, guests can enjoy the splendor of the unique architecture while a breeze will keep you cool on a warm summer day.

More to Come

The city is looking forward to partnering with businesses and the state to make the Denso Eco Park a one of a kind recreation opportunity. The Denso Eco Park is an ongoing project, but if you would like to see how we are doing so far you can visit us at 130 Private Brand Way, Athens TN 37303.