The Streets Division is divided into four sections: Street Construction, Street Maintenance, Street Cleaning, and Traffic Control. The members of these section crews work diligently to keep Athens streets in a safe driving condition. Here are four major problems that need to be reported if they are found:

Drainage can be a major problem, especially during the rainy season. Clogged ditches, stormwater drainage pipes and catch basins can cause water to stand in the road. This is dangerous to motorists and should be reported when this problem is found.

Traffic Lights can cause a serious problem when not functioning correctly. If a light is out or flashing please report this to Public Works immediately.

Traffic Signs are a feature that safely control the flow of traffic. Sometimes these signs are obstructed, knocked down, twisted and even stolen. Signs that need to be repaired or replaced should be reported to Public Works as soon as possible.

Pot Holes can cause damage to vehicles. Pot Holes are easily repaired when reported.

To report a street problem, please call Public Works at (423) 744-2745 or email.