Leaf Season

Leaf Season is the Public Works Department's annual leaf collection strategy. Leaf crews utilize vacuum-equipped trucks and a street sweeper to collect loose leaves that have been raked curbside. The leaf collection schedule is determined as leaves begin to fall, so rake your leaves to your curb as soon as possible for collection.


Loose leaf collection routes begin Monday, November 14, 2016 at 7:00 a.m. If you would like your leaves to be collected, simply rake them three to five feet from the edge of the road as soon as they fall to the ground. DO NOT PLACE ANYTHING IN THE ROAD, IN DITCHES, OR ON SIDEWALKS. In areas where there are sidewalks, leaves should be placed behind the sidewalk and leaf crews will pick them up from there. DO NOT PLACE LEAVES ON OR AROUND ANY OBSTACLES. Leaves placed on or around mailboxes, trees, fences, poles, yard decorations, or vehicles will be skipped by the leaf machine operators. The hose on the new leaf vacuum machine cannot reach back to vacuum around obstacles. We no longer pick up leaves on a call in basis.

For information on areas where leaf trucks will be located, residents may call the leaf line at (423) 744-2776 for weekly updates.

In the past, residents have raked leaves into the road. This is a dangerous practice. This does three things. First, it narrows the width of the driving surface. Second, when the leaves get wet they become slick. And finally, the leaves clog storm drains and cause flooding. All of these situations create driving hazards and residents are asked to keep it back and keep it safe.

As an alternative, and for faster service, you may bag your leaves and the Public Works Department will collect them on the regular Brush / Junk route. You can also mulch your leaves by running your lawn mower over them. This will improve your lawn by adding organic material. Another option is composting your leaves for use in flowerbeds and gardens.

If you have questions, please call Public Works at (423) 744-2745 or email.