Large Item Pick Up

Large Item Pick-up is for residential customers only. The City of Athens will not pick up items from commercial properties or rental properties.

Large items are now automatically picked up on a biweekly route schedule. Under the new schedule, streets north of Highway 30 will be collected on the 1st and 3rd full weeks of the month. Streets south of Highway 30 will be collected the 2nd and 4th full weeks of the month. Large items should be placed 3-5 ft. from the edge of the road by 7:00 AM Mondays of the scheduled week. .

Items that can not be picked up

  • Limbs over eight (8) inches in diameter
  • Hot Ashes
  • Food Waste
  • Cross Ties
  • Automobile Parts = batteries, transformers, automobile fuel tanks, tires or any large automobile parts
  • Combustible Items = gas, oil, paint, lacquer thinner, pesticides, or empty paint/thinner cans
  • Building Materials = boards, shingles, lumber, concrete, blocks, rocks, bricks, asbestos, insulation, sheet rock
  • Dirt, gravel, or fill materials
  • Appliances with compressor still intact (compressors must be professionally removed prior to pick up)
  • Household Garbage (including clothes)
  • Recyclable Materials = cardboard, paper products, magazines
  • To dispose of recyclable materials visit the City's Recycle Center.


 If you have any questions, please contact Public Works at (423) 744-2745 or email.