Animal Control

Athens Animal Control is a division of Public Works. The Animal Control Officer picks up stray domestic animals (i.e. cats, dogs, farm livestock, or other small domestic animals) and transports them to the Animal Shelter to be reclaimed or adopted. Note: Animal Control Officers will not pickup living wild-life (i.e.opposums, racoons, beavers, gophers, or other small rodents). The Animal Control Officer also enforces the City Ordinances on animal control. Some of those ordinances are listed below:

  • Three dog limit per household. All animals must be confined to the owner's premises. All animals must have food, water, and shelter.

The Animal Control Officer also removes stray domestic animals and animal carcasses from the streets of Athens. If you call in advance, the Animal Control Officer will also  set traps for unwelcome domestic animals that may wander onto your property.

Animal Shelter

Due to the continuing spread COVID-19, in compliance with CDC guidelines, the Athens animal shelter is currently closed for public intake. Shelter staff are accepting owner-surrender or stray animals on an emergency only case-by-case basis. All authorized emergency intakes are by appointment only.
Please contact shelter staff for more information.

$80 for Kittens
$40 for Adult Cats
$100 for Puppies
$80 - $120 for Adult Dogs

Adoption Fees include the following:

  • All Animals receive Veterinarian Examination, Fecal Examination, Rabies Vaccine, Worming for both Hook & Round Worms.
  • Cats receive the First FVRCP vaccine and the FeLV / FIV test.
  • Dogs receive the First DHPP, Kennel Cough Vaccine, Microchipping and Heartworm test if the dog is over 6 months old.

Animal Ordinances

For more information on animal ordinances click the link below.