Adopted Codes

  • International Building Code 2015
  • International Residential Code 2015
  • International Energy Conservation Code 2009
  • International Plumbing Code 2015
  • International  Mechanical Code 2015
  • International Fuel Gas Code 2015
  • National Electric Code 2014
  • ADA Standards for Accessible Design 2010
  • International Fire Code 2015
  • Life Safety Code as referenced by International Fire Code


Plans Submittal

Plans for new buildings and additions shall include the location of the proposed building or structure and all existing buildings or structures on the site (show square footage of each building or structure). Also, show parking layout, erosion control, storm water detention (if applicable), and drawings shall be to scale.

Plans Exempt from Review Construction drawings are not required for one- and two-family dwellings. Only a site plan review is required.

One set of electronic plans must be submitted for all construction projects.

Plans that are required to have a Design Professional's Tennessee (Architect or Engineer) Stamp affixed to them:

  • All assembly (50 or more people), Educational, and Institutional occupancies.
  • Buildings and structures three stories or more high.
  • Buildings and structures 5,000 sq. ft. (465m) (Add floors together) or more in area

Top 5 Electrical rejections:

  • No permit
  • Inadequate clearance about electrical equipment
  • No ground fault circuit interrupters
  • No arc fault interrupters
  • Improper bonding

Top 5 plumbing rejections:

  • No water test on drain lines
  • No air test on water lines
  • Lack of nail plates
  • Lack of support for piping
  • Drain pan and relief valve not piped to exterior. ( water heaters )


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